WIA Services

Work Experience (WE):

This service places qualified adults residing within our service area in either a profit or non-profit business setting earning wages on a weekly basis from our program for a short period of time. This allows the individual an opportunity to obtain the necessary skills to take advantage of employment opportunities with either the current or future employers.

On the Job Training (OJT):

This service places qualified adults residing within our service area in an employment setting earning wages and benefits based upon a schedule set forth by the employer. This program subsidizes the employer’s training expenses by reimbursing the employer ½ of the individual’s wages.

Classroom Training (CRT):

This service assists qualified individuals that have fully expended or do not qualify to receive Federal Pell Grant funds. The program will provide limited funding for a variety of educational courses, including but not limited to academic, vocational, and specific skill training courses.

Educational Assistance Pay (EAP):

This service attempts to assist qualified individuals attending school at least on a part time basis by subsidizing their income by providing wages based upon their attendance in class. Qualified individuals in good standing with their school are eligible to receive limited wages on a weekly basis.

Supportive Service:

This service provides assistance to qualified individuals in need of work-related materials necessary to continue employment as well as payments for required short-term training courses.

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